Editorial...A Chicago Cop Bar

A Chicago Cop Bar….


You can tell a lot about a Chicago cop by the bar they hang out at. A fresh out of the academy cadet hangs out at the local Irish pub across the street. An elected mayoral appointee drinks something top shelf with their dinner in some Italian joint on Rush. The undercover detective frequents the secret underground spots where you need to be or know somebody to get in.

The usual Chicago Cop bar has a few necessities. Four stars and two stripe flags fly. The Guinness pours just right. Pics of Allan Pinkerton, the two Daley mayors, and even the actor Dennis Farina hang.

Chicago cops need to feel safe when they’re drinking and letting their hair down after a shift. They don’t need yelpers, Snapchat or IG paparazzi giving them or the bar they hang out at a bad rap.

Owners and employees know working at a cop bar is a blessing and a curse. They welcome all cops but at the same time, the person who has a bad attitude towards the law might take their money elsewhere. On the flip side, one will always feel safe.  




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