Jack Rabbit Slims

Jack Rabbit Slims in Glendale, California isn’t a place you walk into by accident. You either make the intentional decision to go to the 1950s diner with the large jack rabbit neon sign in front or you don’t. And if that sign doesn’t sell you, we at Restaurant Fiction don’t know what will.

Inside, you’re warped not just into the 1950s, but a 1950s multi-camera sitcom. One set features pleather sofas and lounge chairs next to a cobblestone fireplace and a flashy wet bar. Another contains a putting green with metal umbrellas and picnic tables on Astroturf lawn. The best seats in the house are in the drive-in movie section filled six stripped classic cars.

Patrons say JRS is “a wax museum with a pulse”. The waiters, waitresses, busboys, bar-backs, and bartenders dress and act as if they were the characters one would see outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Tourists like to be waited on Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, or Buddy Holly, but the fan favorite is Hilda, the notorious 1950s pin-up queen who even rivaled Marilyn back in the day.

A stage smack dab in the center of the place let’s the employees show off the extensive method research they’ve done. Tuesday nights is Young Elvis night and on Wednesdays is a Chubby Checkers dance off.

The menu matches the restaurant’s kitsch but the standout is the $5 dollar shake. Fosselman’s Ice Cream (a 90-year-old ma and pa parlour in the San Gabriel Valley) married with half and half, homemade syrups, fudges, and ganaches. The most popular is the Amos and Andy, but the Chuck Berry is the real gem: strawberry ice cream, blackberries, chocolate chips, and vanilla spiced whip cream all garnished with an American flag.

Jack Rabbit Slims isn’t a place you’d go to on a regular basis, but if you have an out-of-town guest or a hot first date, it doesn’t get more Hollywood than this.




Jack Rabbit Slims

Los Angeles, California

ATMOSPHERE: Rowdy bikers mixed with the hip and trendy Hollywood socialites, and tattooed rockabilly greasers.

SERVICE: Attentive with attitude.  Depending on the 1950s character you receive all depends on the service you’ll receive.

SOUND LEVEL: Loud but can still hear yourself talk


DRINKS AND WINE:  Full bar and a soda jerk fountain featuring homemade syrups.

PRICES: Entrees are from $20-$40

OPEN: Monday-Saturday from 5pm-2am.



WiFi:  No

Restrooms: Clean and comfortable.

Smoking: Yes