Black Eyes Bar BLURB

Detroit’s awesome. Don’t hear that statement much these days. Restaurant Fiction goes once a year. We picked the suburb of Ferndale. Why? Why not?

Ferndale’s hipsterized. You’ll find no Detroit stereotype here: the negative or the positive ones. There’s a booming LGBT community and no mention of the film 8 Mile.

The Black Eyes Bar on Woodward and 9 Mile is chill. Not a dive bar chill. Not a sports bar chill. Just a chill. That’s the ambience that hypnotized us in spending all of our waking moments inside.

One doesn’t concentrate on Detroit’s sports or car scene. The patrons keep the issues easy breezy reclining on the fake chesterfield booths, usually dealing with the missteps of dating.

Okay…the real reason why we went back to Detroit was for Weezer. That’s it. Weezer announced on their Wikipedia page of all sorts that they were playing a live small free show. We jumped on a plane and saw them. We also got to see a dance off too. Did you leave smashed? No…But we still left with the feeling that we just had the best times of our lives.