1. The movie and/or TV show is not being reviewed. Only the restaurant, bar, and/or club is. 
  2. We do not look at the movie and/or TV shows praises or denouncements by society. We only review the movie's and/or TV show's restaurant, bar, and/or club.
  3. We do not feature any other part of the movie including: characters, story, written dialogue, company or credits.
  4. We have the right to review a restaurant, bar, and club positively or negatively which has nothing to do with the rest of the movie and/or TV show.
  5. We are reviewing the restaurant, bar, and/or club as if the movie and/or TV show never existed but the restaurant, bar, and/or club always did.
  6. Though we take our reviews seriously, please don't take restaurant fiction seriously. Have fun with it, just like in life.
  7. Reviews written in the past or in the future will reflect the times. We cannot always censor the piece if it disrupts the story being told.
  8. This is fiction. It is not real. Remember that.