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The folks behind Restaurant Fiction

A fictional restaurant critic is very different than the omnipresent yelp reviewer.  Yelp reviews tend to be immediate without panache, craft, and thought other than, “OMG, my bf ate the meatballs…they were A-MAZZZZING.” I don’t disdain yelp reviews.  I actually praise them, but we at Restaurant Fiction feel that a legitimate restaurant review needs to be timeless. We like to study the back of the house just as much as the front. We review the bathrooms of restaurants just as much as everything else.  Pricing and portion sizes are issues we too always consider.  We go to the restaurant being reviewed at least five different times in two months from the incredibly high brow, experimental, hard-to-get reservations to the push cart featuring the elderly man selling sliced watermelon. At times, we might share a story that has nothing to do with the restaurant but is the soul purpose of what makes the restaurant unique. Many newspapers and publications have a budget.    Arabian Sultans who value pop culture over life itself have funded our project.  We have access to classified areas and pieces of technology that will make any super villain blush. We hope you find the past, present, and future reviews intelligent and amusing at the same time.  We strive for them to be creative with TLC and a bunch of heart.  And remember, we are not reviewing the TV show or the film.  We are not making any judgments on the characters.  We are only reviewing the restaurants as if the TV or film never existed, but the restaurants always did. 


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