Isn't this restaurant real?

The restaurant being reviewed very well may be a mock version or an already existing version of the place that was featured in the tv show or film. We are not reviewing the "real" version. We are only reviewing the version that was featured in the piece of visual art.


How do you select the place you're going to review?

We take in the word from the gospel every single day. Then, we collaborate with the angels and prophets. We dissect, analyze, and pontificate for hours on end. Then, we all band together, take a trip to the proctologist and see what the doc pulls out. Yep, that's where all of the answers are usually found. It's the Holy Grail, my friend.


Why don't you review lesser known stuff?

We do not judge any movie or tv show based on popularity, ratings, cult status, genre, category, etc...etc. If the movie or TV show features a restaurant, bar, and/or club, we will review it. We promise. It may take some time, but we will get there. If you give us a shout out, we might move the place up on our list.


Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in?

Yes, this site is a work in progress. Our goal is to have fun and review food and drinks in a new way that can capture everyone's imagination. Everyone has a favorite TV show and movie, and more times than not, that TV show and movie has a restaurant, bar, and/or club in it. We want to review that and make your favorite show and film come to life even more.


Is this serious?

This is very serious. We are not joking around here. If the movies and shows exist, then these fictional restaurants do too.