Restaurant Fiction doesn't review the TV Show or Film. We don't praise or denounce the TV Show or Film. We don't write about the characters, story, dialogue, or any person or company affiliated with the TV Show or Film. We only write about the restaurant, bar, and/or club as if it always existed without the TV Show or Film. We don't censor ourselves and at times, the time period when the article was published will reflect that. We will do our best to conduct all of our writings in a professional manner, but at times, I don't have control of our writers and when I allow them to drink, smoke, and eat for free, they write like their id is controlling their body. If we are praising or denouncing a restaurant, bar, and/or club, it has nothing to do with the TV show or Film. All characters featured in the reviews are based on the world of the restaurant not the world of the film or TV show.